artwork and cognition for a new earth
                           Skulpturen, Gedichte und Bilder von Hans-Jürgen Gorenflo (

Home-Galery (part I)
Here you see part of my home-galery. Shipping worldwide is possible.

Sculpture 'female form' 2018 and Text 'purity'

Non-Conceptual Form No.102

Sculpture 'Sensing upwards' and Text 'Death'

'Portal', beech, 2020
Music: Track 'spiritual' with thanks to

Sculpture 'Duo' and Text 'happy for no reason'


Non-Conceptual Form No.103

Music: Track 'Angels' with thanks to

'Sculpture 'little love' and Text 'What is the Self'
Music: 'Clair de Lune' by Claude Debussy (with thanks to

Sculpture 'Zeugungskraft', cherry-tree, 2007 (€ 1800,-)
Text 'Eros', 2024
Music: 'Serenade' by Schubert, with thanks to

Sculpture 'Dancing Serpants' and Text 'What is Consciousness?'

Sculpture 'Phantasy' and Text 'Where Being and Knowing are One'

Sculpture 'Resisrance and Flow' and Text 'Whatever happens to You'

'Em Bryos', maple on maple, 2021, Height 115 cm, € 1800,-

Home Galery (part II)

Non-Conceptual Form No. 100 (Power of Nature)

Non-Conceptual Form No. 101